Ministry Teams and Committees

Bereavement Team

The Bereavement Team’s mission is to comfort grieving families at the time of a death in the family. The team is responsible for the provision and service of a meal for the family typically on the day of the funeral. 


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees oversee the proper keeping of God’s House as a way to honor God and to facilitate the ministry of the local church. The committee supervises and maintains all property belonging to the congregation so that ministries of the congregation can be effective.  The Trustees are also entrusted with all legal matters of the church.


Church Historical Team 

The Church Historical Team gathers and preserves our church history to help members understand and appreciate their heritage and mission. The team collects photographs and documents from both past and present.


Finance Committee

The job of the Finance Committee is to identify, perfect, and manage the finance system for the congregation. The finance system is the processing of raising, managing, and dispersing the finances so that the mission and vision of the congregation can be achieved. 


Higher Education Loan Fund Committee

The Higher Education Loan Fund Committee awards financial assistance to qualifying students. The committee oversees the financial resources for the loan fund and fundraising.


Kitchen Team

The Kitchen Team assures the cleanliness and proper function of the kitchen and equipment. 


Lay Leadership Committee

The Lay Leaders encourage, teach, shepherd, and equip laity.  A Lay Leader attends District Lay Leader functions and serves as a delegate to the Annual Conference.


Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team assists the church in caring for the property and building. The team conducts routine inspections, handles basic repairs and maintenance, and oversees contracted repairs when necessary.


Membership Care Team

The Membership Care Team works to maintain a personal relationship between the church and members who are confined to their homes by arranging for other members to visit regularly. The team communicates with members who are temporarily unable to attend church via cards, phone calls, or visits.


Mission Team

Our church has multiple ways to serve on a Mission Team.  These teams give individuals of all ages an opportunity to experience mission service in a meaningful way and to impact the lives of people throughout our community and the world. 


Prayer Team

The Prayer Team encourages, supports, and inspires church members, staff, and community members to pursue a deeper and more personal prayer life. The team believes that prayer matters and is passionate about praying for others. 


Safety Team 

The Safety Team ensures the church provides the safest possible environment. The team maintains a watchful eye, stays in communication with other team members, and responds to medical and other emergencies according to established procedures.


Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee

The Staff/ Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (SPPR) functions as the human resources department of the church. The primary role of the committee is to confer with and counsel the pastor, staff, Leadership Council, Lay Leadership on matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry and the need for staff to perform the mission of the church.


Transportation Team

The Transportation Team (Maintenance) ensures proper and routine maintenance for the church bus. The Transportation Team (Drivers) meet eligibility requirements, conduct pre-trip inspections, and obey traffic laws.


Worship Team

The Worship Team considers all aspects of worship experience so that the congregation experiences the presence of God.